DCYC 2022 Youth Sailing Program is open for the 2022 season. Sailing classes and summer sailing camps are scheduled for the beginner or the experienced youth sailor. 

DCYC Youth Sailing 2022 is intended for DCYC members and a very few invited guest sailors - all on a space available basis. Once a program is sold-out waitlists may be available. Members will have priority on any waitlist. 

Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club (DCYC) is a private, membership owned sailing club. Youth Sailing Program at DCYC for 2022 is open to members and a few invited guest sailors.   

Youth Sailing at DCYC will be on hiatus for the hot Texas summer of July-August 2022 (with perhaps some brief exceptions). We expect to return to sailing in September 2022 with the Regatta Preparation/Races classes listed elsewhere on this webpage.

Sailing classes and summer sailing camps are typically scheduled for the beginner and/or the experienced youth sailor. Suggested ages are 8-13.  (Exceptions considered).  Child’s body size determines suitability for an appropriate youth sailboat.  DCYC provides the youth boats for its programs.

Spring Saturday Sailing/Opportunities and Classes for 2022 were successfully conducted during April and May. This was a class for both beginners and for experienced young sailors.  We had a variety of light breezes and strong winds. 

The days were sunny and warm. Lake water temperatures were still cool so no capsize drills were attempted.   The coaches towed some Optimist boats out to the lake sailing area before casting them off on the last Saturday of class.  Once free from the towboat, the young sailors did enjoy splashing their classmates via paddle-pushing in the refreshing lake water. Fortunately, the breeze did fill-in after a while.