Top Five Reasons to Join DCYC:

5. Sailing Education: We offer sailing classes for adults and youth sailing classes.

4. Great Facilities: 150+ new docks for sail and power boats, 4000 sq foot club house, pool, five-ton crane, dry storage and more!

3. Great Racing: Over 60 sailboat races a year  including two major regattas;  Spring, Summer, Fall, Frostbite, Full Moon and Wednesday Night series; several long-distance races and races to restaurants on the lake and back. 

2. Great Social Events: Dinners, Burger Burns, Youth Parties, Pool Parties, and Special Events make DCYC a great place to hang out on the weekends. 

1. Great People: DCYC is a volunteer club with a membership that is friendly and willing to help their fellow boaters. 

Here's a 30-second video of what we offer: Television Spots  

And check out our Club Brochure here.


Step 1: Determine the type of membership right for you.  We have two types of memberships:  Resident (full club privileges) and Associate (for members under 24). 

Step 2: Review Club Bylaws, Club Rules and club fees.  Contact the Rear Commodore with any questions.

Step 3: Fill out an application.  Send completed and signed application initiation fee to address at bottom of the second page of the application.  

Step 4: The Rear Commodore will present your membership application to the Board of Governors for approval. 

Step 5: Once approved, you will receive your membership card, gate access card and a detailed welcome letter with everything you need to know.

Step 6: Have FUN!


You don’t need to own a boat, many members join for the social activities and crew for other racers.



One unique benefit of being a Resident Member of DCYC is that you may purchase the right to use a slip on our brand new docks.  The prices for purchasing this right varies.  There is Dock Maintenance Fee of $50 per slip/dock per month.  You can also rent a slip on a month to month basis – contact the Rear Commodore for details. Please make sure all purchase transactions regarding the transfer of record for slips/docks are handled through the DCYC Treasurer with coordination of the DCYC Harbormaster in order to assure a clear record. Details regarding slip/dock ownership are covered within DCYC Club Rules and Bylaws. 

Dry Storage:

If you plan to store your boat on the trailer at DCYC, there is an assigned Dry Storage area available for $40 per month for each assignment.  In addition you can store trailers in our “boneyard” for $100 per year.