History of DCYC

Where It All Began

In 1956, twelve families worked together to establish a sailing club on Lake Lewisville. In so doing, they established a great legacy for the generations to come. 

These pages are dedicated to David Patterson, Carolyn Patterson Janssen, Leslie Maynard, and all the other members who lived this history and who take so seriously their roles as the stewards of that legacy.

Member Stories

A. B. Patterson:  "History of the Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club"

Don Massey: "Reminiscence"

Al Spalding:  Letter describing  founding of Club

Marion Backstrom & Joe Schribner:  "DCYC History Rich in Tradition"

Richard & Jane Leavitt: "Remebering DCYC"

Richard Leavitt: "The Merger of Yacht Harbor Sailing Club with DCYC"

Randall Massey: "Outings for Children with Cancer"

Bob Shiels: "The Story of the Tiger Cats' Arrival at DCYC"

Randall Massey: "NARCA Southwest Regional Championship"

Randall Massey: "DCYC History as I Remember It"

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Kelly Holmes-Moon Memorial Award