Flag Officers

Commodore: Chance Beck | 214-906-1759

Vice Commodore: Paul Bell | 972-897-6377

Rear Commodore Systems: Keith Bogdan | 214-564-0666

Treasurer: John Horwedel

Secretary: Lisa Puccio

Fleet Captain: Marc Couch

Fleet Surgeon: Eve Sheppard MSN, RN, CCM, CIC 

Harbormaster: John Lusk | 214-801-3613

Board of Governors

Adam Steczko (2023-2025)

Laurie Cronan (2023-2025)

Katherine Lusk (2023-2025) 

Keith Bogdan (2023-2024)

Marc Couch (2022-2024)

Bill Haworth (2022-2024)

Paul Bell (2021-2023)

Leslie Maynard (2021-2023)

Mark Puccio (2021-2023)

Dave Lorenat - Past Commodores Rep.

Dock Representatives

Dock 1: Chris Keane | 214-693-2954

Dock 2: Bill Haworth | 4408625666

Dock 3:  Mike Ruzycki | 972-867-6621

Dock 4: Frank Drewes | 214-668-1986

Dock 5: James Hankins | 214-549-1122

Dock 6: Danny Lee | 469-233-2694

Committee Chairs

Membership: Keith Bogdan

Race: Marc Couch

Financial: John Horwedel

Entertainment: Dave Lorenat

House: Kim Dickey

Grounds: Rodger Parker

Dry Storage: David Patterson, Kurt Parten

Youth Sailing: Ed Henkel  

Education: Luke Fricke - SailDallas

Pier and Dock: John Lusk

Legal: Michael Betz

Swimming Pool: Adam Steczko

Long Range Planning: David Meek

Audit:  Chris Seagram

Club Operations Managers

Webmaster: Dave Barry and Paul Bell

Jib Crane Director: Adam Steczko

Ship's Store Manager: Laurie Cronan

Sailing Director:  

UNT Club Coordinator: 

Motor Boat Squadron: 

Annual Regatta Chair: 

Fall Regatta Chair: 

Hailer Editor: 

Staff Photographer: